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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chaired by: Patricia Grady, Story Landis, and Lawrence Tabak

  1. Dr. Tabak welcomed NIDCD to the Pain Consortium. Barry Davis will be the representative and Lynn Luethke will be the alternate representative from the Institute.
  2. Kathy Mann Koepke, NINR, presented a draft FOA for re-issuing the NIH Biobehavioral Pain Research Program Announcement. The new FOA more broadly covers pain research from molecular aspects to pain management. The FOA will be submitted to the ENS shortly and the three Co-chairs encouraged PC Institutes and Centers to review the document and participate in this FOA.
  3. Wendy Smith, NCI, presented a novel partnership opportunity for the NIH to participate in a PBRN survey of the prevalence and practices in pain treatments. There was broad support among the attendees for this opportunity.
  4. Dave Thomas, NIDA, presented a brief video and slide show of highlights of the 11th Annual Cyber Therapy Conference emphasizing the use of virtual reality in acute and chronic pain conditions.
  5. Linda Porter, NINDS, summarized the outcome and feedback regarding the PC Symposium. Favorable comments all around.
  6. John Kusiak, NIDCR, discussed potential topics for next year's PC Symposium. A sub-group of interested Program staff will meet to discuss and set priorities for topics for the next PC Symposia. Discussions to include format, scope of the meetings in the coming years. A plan will be presented at the Next PC meeting.
  7. Mike Iadarola, NIDCR, informed the consortium about the establishment of a Pain Interest Group. The regular scheduled meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month in Building 30, Room 117 at 3:30 PM. However, the next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at a place and time to be announced later. Mike will send out an announcement prior to the meeting.