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Chapter 24: Assessing Desirability of Outcomes States for Medical Decision Making and Cost-effectiveness Analysis, By Mary Kane Goldstein, MD, MSc and Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH
Author Biography
Common Health Status Measures

Preference-Based Measures

 Direct Utility Elicitation
 Issues with Utility Assessment
 How Are Utilities Used?
 Utility and Health Status
 Utility and Sociodemographic Factors
 Computerized Utility Assessment
 Catalogs of Utilities
 Case Studies
Figures Tables Problems Questions
Figure 1
Figure 2

Figure 7-5


Table 1
Problem 12.1

Problem 12.2

Problem 12.3

Problem 12.4

Question 12.1
Question 12.2
Question 12.3
Question 12.4
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